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Thank you for visiting! Have a wonderful day.
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Brand Contacts Directory
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Brand Contacts Directory

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Whether you are just starting out on pitching yourself to brands, or you are looking for new brands to connect with.. you are one step closer to potentially working with someone amazing listed in here!

I've took the time to research and compile a list of public email addresses so that you don't have to! You can either purchase the 150 or 250 brand contacts directories.

The brands are sorted within FIVE categories:

  • Home: appliances, furniture, home decor, wall decor
  • Lifestyle: beauty, food, drinks, stationary, wellness
  • Motherhood: all brands related to moms and children
  • Style: accessories, jewelry, clothing, shoes
  • Travel: hotels, luggage, tourism boards

I wish you the BEST of luck in landing a collaboration!